Larnaca, Bicycle Tour Larnaca


per person €15 per child

Available on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday!

Visit Larnaca's points of interest with a bicycle tour!

-Groups from 4+ people 

-Duration 4 h 

-Half price for children under 12 years old

***Choose between a morning tour so you can visit museums and historical places around Larnaca, or an afternoon tour with a lovely sunset by the famous Larnaka Salt Lake ***


  • Saint Lazarus church 

  • Archeological museum 

  • Old Larnaca (Kition) ruins 

  • Kamares Aqueduct 

  • Hala Sultan Tekke 

  • Larnaca Salt Lake 

To secure your booking and ensure availability to meet your specific preferences, kindly make the reservation online at least 24 hours prior to your trip. This timeframe allows us to accommodate your requirements and deliver a satisfying experience tailored to your needs.