Larnaca , Sunset Cruise Larnaca


per person

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Meet up time Larnaca Marine: 16:30 am- 16.45 am 

Duration: 4 h 

Price: €125 Adults & €75 children 

  • One of our most unforgettable excursions!
  • Opening for you is the surprising beauty and magic charm of an evening in Cyprus on a luxury yacht. 
  •  What can be more romantic, than watching the beautiful sunset? In the cool of the evening, you will see how the Golden Sun slowly sets in the horizon.  
  • In such beautiful conditions, the romanticist in you will surely wake up.
  • This voyage allows you the unique opportunity to admire the night landscapes of the coast.
  • To swim for a while under the star-filled sky in crystal- clear waters, enjoy the sophistication of the menu and a glass of wine.  
  • Surprising memoirs and impressions will stay with you for a long time and the photos you will be a constant reminder of this enchanting evening.