Paphos , Paphos ATV Tour with Cruise


per person

Available on Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday !

Meeting point at Paphos, Coral Bay

Safari starts at 9 am

Duration: 8,5 hours 


-Single quad €100

-Double quad €150

-1 Person buggy €120

-2 Person buggy €180

-3 Seat buggy €250

-4 Seat buggy €320

  • The boat trip takes 3 hours and includes a swim stop at the see-through waters of Blue Lagoon.
  • The drive part of the safari is around 100km (over 60 miles).
  • We start our route near the famous Coral Bay beach of Pegeia.
  • Depending on the availability of the cruise, we can do the route in two ways: clock-wise or anti-clockwise. If going clock-wise, we ride towards the infamous shipwreck of Pegeia, the Paphos sea caves and we then enjoy the quiet winding roads through the banana plantations towards St. George’s church and marina, before continuing down into Akamas Natural Reserve.
  • In Akamas, the tour is off-road. There, we visit Lara beach, which is famous for its turtle nesting grounds. We will also have time for an invigorating swim before we visit a café by the mountains for lunch.
  • We then drive through Akamas Natural Reserve, visiting Lachi marina on the Northern side of the island, where we enjoy a 3hr glass-bottom boat trip.
  • We then go towards Coral Bay, this time riding through various mountain villages.
  • If the route is anti-clockwise, we do the route in reverse order, and have a lunch-break near Polis.
  • Optional lunch costs 10 Euro, which includes pork or chicken souvlaki with potatoes and salad, and a soft drink. The vegetarian option substitutes the souvlaki with scrambled eggs or tuna/calamari salad.

Note: Transportation only through self-transfer from your location to Paphos.

Private transfer to Paphos:

1-3 Persons 155 Euro

4-6 Persons 175 Euro

**Please arrive at least 20 minutes earlier to fill in and sign the paperwork, and familiarize yourself with the bikes.

**Before booking online, please contact us regarding availability and vehicle package option.

To book an ATV Quad/ Buggy Tour please contact us at:

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